Summer Camp

Please pack kit in a rucksack or holdall.  Please don’t use a suitcase, as they take up too much room in a tent.

Please make sure that everything is marked with your name.

It is better for you to pack your own kit, so that you know where everything is, as Leaders do not like having to go through bags looking for plates, wash kit, jumpers, etc.

When packing kit, it is a good idea to place similar items (for example socks) in separate plastic bags, making them easier to find and helps to keep the bag tidy during the camp.

When on camp do not empty out your kit, as it will end up put in someone else’s bag by mistake.

If you have a brother or sister on camp you will need your own kit, as they may not be on the same activity.

Please do not bring sweets, high energy drinks, mobile phone, ipod, pen knife, games console, alcohol, etc.  If they are found in your possession they will be confiscated and returned to parents/guardians at the end of camp.

No responsibility for personal equipment, clothing & effects can be accepted by the Leaders & the Scout Association does not provide automatic insurance cover in respect of such items.

ITEM – Please bring everything on the kit list.   All activities will be run in accordance with the Scout Association Safety Rules.  No responsibility for personal equipment, clothing and effects can be accepted by the Leaders and the Scout Association does not provide automatic insurance cover in respect of such items.TICK WHEN PACKED
Complete uniform this is to be worn when travelling to camp and maybe used during the week. 
Group t-shirt(s) to be used for trips, please do not count this as one of the t-shirts for wearing on site. 
Bring a separate small rucksack for using on days out and hiking, this can be the one used for your packed lunch and drink for travelling to camp, don’t forget a water bottle for using on trips and any hikes. 
Sleeping bag, (zipped up) it is a good idea to buy one that will keep you warm in cold conditions (4 season/-10°) as this will ensure you are warm at night.  It can get cold at night even in the Summer.  Pillow if you want one, you can purchase blow up pillows and small travel pillows which help cut down on space. Teddy can come too if you wish. 
You can also bring a blanket, many use them as camp blankets which have badges sewn on them, you can use them when sat around the camp fire to keep your back warm and at night when in bed. 
Sleeping Mat also known as a Roll Mat, or a self inflating mat, these are very good to use under your sleeping bag in the tent to help keep you warm.  Please do not bring air beds as they take up a lot of space in the tent. 
Waterproof outer garments – these are essential, as every year we seem to have at least one day of torrential rain.  Coat and leggings preferably. 
Hiking Boots/strong shoes/wellies as well as trainers (trainers are not very good if it rains).  Please bring more than one pair of footwear. 
Plate, Cereal Bowl, Cutlery and Mug – please don’t bring china or glass ones and make sure they are reasonably strong and that they are named with a permanent marker or nail varnish.  Do not stick a piece of paper on with sellotape as this will come off when you wash the plate for the first time. (please put them into a bag to keep them together). 
Personal washing kit – include towels for showers/beach, sun protection cream and if prone to insect bites insect repellent. Talcum powder will also help you dry off properly after a shower, stopping problems of sores.  Toothbrush, toothpaste, lip balm, hair brush/comb, for those with long hair please bring hair bands, shower gel/soap and shampoo, use sample sizes of small bottles for shower gel and shampoo as you won’t need a full bottle. 
Torch and spare batteries (don’t pack the torch with batteries fitted as it could easily get turned on in their bag), you can buy cheap wind up torches which are ideal and saves the problem of batteries. 
Pyjamas/onesie – pack in with sleeping bag, this makes it very easy to find on the first night. 
A couple of old warm sweatshirts to be worn on site.  (Cubs please note your cub sweatshirt is not to be worn on site, as they need to be kept clean for wearing on outings.) 
Shorts and trousers, please make sure you include some long trousers to be worn in the evenings and on certain activities.  Bring some old pairs for wearing on site and some good pairs for wearing out and please make sure you don’t just bring Jeans, when they become wet they are very uncomfortable and take a long time to dry.  
Underclothes and socks to last time away, please include extra for when you get wet and muddy on   certain activities. 
Swimming Kit please include a towel.  Water shoes are also ideal not only for water activities but also if visiting a pebble beach during the camp.  If water activities are on the programme for the camp please include water shoes to wear, old shorts and t-shirt.  (old trainers are not suitable for kayaking) 
Old T-shirts to last time away, 
Hats (a cap is ideal for when it is hot and a woollen/fleece hat in case it is cold) 
If you wear glasses please bring case to store glasses in at night 
Lots of bags for dirty and wet clothes. 
Explorer Scouts will also need to take a tent and chair (if they haven’t got one please contact the Leaders so that they can put in a spare)