Never wear Jeans for hiking, as they are very uncomfortable when they get wet.

We advise that you wear layers of clothing so that you can remove items if you become hot.

Hiking boots should also be worn.

Make sure your rucksack is comfortable when you have packed it, and that you have nothing sticking into your back.

When hiking always go in groups of at least three.

Always leave a route of where you are going and a time that you should be back by with a responsible person back at base.  Remember to contact this person when you finish the hike.

To help avoid blisters, never soak your feet before you go hiking.

Kit to be carried in a rucksack:

Food (include food like mars bars with lots of energy in them)


Waterproof coat & trousers (pack so that you can get to these quickly)

Torch (even in the daytime, as the weather can change and in heavy rain you could need your torch on)

Small personal first aid kit (plasters, sling, bandage, money for phone box)

Spare socks

If you don’t wear a sweatshirt bring one.

Warm hat & gloves

A whistle is to be worn, but must only be used in an emergency

You will need reflectors or reflective strips on your rucksack

You will also need to wear reflective ankle bands.  You will be loaned a reflective jacket which is to be worn at all times during hiking.

All activities will be run in accordance with the Scout Association Safety Rules.  No responsibility for personal equipment, clothing and effects can be accepted by the Leaders and the Scout Association does not provide automatic insurance cover in respect of such items.