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Remember when packing to pack kit in plastic bags, also donít forget youíll be carrying all of your kit, plus tent or poncho/bivi, cooker, billies, map and compass (these items are usually supplied).Every group of three must carry a compass and map.

No responsibility for personal equipment, clothing & effects can be accepted by the Leaders & the Scout Association does not provide automatic insurance cover in respect of such items.

Try your rucksack on when you have packed it to check that it is comfortable and that nothing is sticking into your back, also make sure you are able to carry the weight.Make every effort to keep it under 3 stone in weight, as you wonít want to walk very far with anything more than that.When packing think the lighter the better, take layers of clothes to wear, instead of a heavy fleece or sweatshirt.


Kit to be worn:

                Layers of clothing, so that you can remove items if you become to hot.

                Do not wear Jeans, as they do not dry very well if they become wet.Wear long warm trousers, such as tracksuit trousers/joggers.

                Wear a warm sweatshirt/jumper/fleece (carry one if hot)

                Warm socks, proper hiking socks can be bought, if buying new socks purchase ones without seams on the toes, as the seam can cause blisters.

                You must wear at all times a reflective jacket, you will be loaned one of these for the duration of the hike.

                You will also need to wear ankle bands when the light starts to fade.

                You will need reflectors or reflective strips on your rucksack.

                You will need to wear hiking boots with a good tread.Do not wear trainers.

                A whistle is to be worn, but must only be used in an emergency.


All activities will be run in accordance with the Scout Association Safety Rules.No responsibility for personal equipment, clothing and effects can be accepted by the Leaders and the Scout Association does not provide automatic insurance cover in respect of such items.

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Kit to be carried in a rucksack

(pack the kit into separate carrier bags or similar and perhaps mark up what they are this will make it easier to find an item and will also keep clothes dry)


Torch with spare batteries & spare bulb, make sure this packed so that you get to it easily for when the light fades or in the case of heavy rain it can sometimes be a good idea to have a torch on to make yourself more visible to vehicles if you are walking along a road without a pavement.


Waterproof Coat & leggings, always pack your waterproofs so that they are easy to get out.


Spare sweatshirt


Spare trousers


Underclothes to last time away, please include some spares


A couple of old t-shirts


Socks to last time away, please include some spares


Personal Wash Kit including towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, please put sun tan lotion in with these items




Sleeping Bag zipped up (please ask if you need advice on what type to buy)




Hat eg. Cap for when its hot, woolly or fleece hat for when its cold


First aid kit - to contain a few plasters, bandage, sling, emergency phone box money


Always carry a supply of food such as mars bars, crisps, sandwiches.Bring food to cook for a warm meal at night and breakfast.Ideal food is something that you just need to add hot water to or boil in the bag, pasta pots are ideal as they are light to carry.Also bring instant hot chocolate, tea, coffee, etc so that you donít have to carry milk.


Mess tin or small billy or something similar to cook and possibly eat out of and cutlery


Emergency ration food is also needed to be carried, this must only be eaten in an emergency.Place the food in a bag and mark it emergency food so that you donít eat it by mistake.Emergency food needs to be chocolate, Kendal mint cake and any other high energy foods.


Donít forget to carry a drink and enough water to add to food and hot drinks


Survival bag will be loaned to you to be carried during the hike, this must be returned at the end