What to wear and take for Kayaking or Canoeing


You will need to wear light clothes that you donít mind getting wet and water shoes.Please also bring a thin waterproof coat to wear while on the water, or if you have one a waterproof cag.


In a bag, please take a towel, a complete change of clothes, including a warm top to put on.Also take a drink.If out for a whole day you will need to take food as well.


Please do not wear jeans you will not be allowed on the water with jeans on.


You will be provided with a buoyancy aid to wear while on the water.


If anyone misbehaves they will be taken off the water and will be made to watch.


No responsibility for personal equipment, clothing & effects can be accepted by the Leaders & the Scout Association does not provide automatic insurance cover in respect of such items.

Please note this kit list is a standard list and occasionally extra items will be added, depending on the plans for the camp.Please feel free to print this page if you need to.

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