2021 Group Activity Day

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2017 Learning about the Bloodhound car

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1954 Pack Meeting in Christchurch Hall

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Our Cub Scouts take Girls and Boys from the ages of 8 - 10 ½.   The Cubs meet on Wednesday evenings, Monthly Subs are £10, which are to be paid monthly.  The uniform is a Green Sweatshirt, navy trousers and our Groups Kneckerchief.


Cub Scouts enjoy new adventures while making new friends along the way. Their commitment is recognised by over thirty activity badges. As well as regular weekly meeting, Cub Scouts also go camping, play games, explore the outdoors, try adventurous activities – such as climbing, sailing and archery, meet people from their local community, experience the culture of other countries and keep themselves and others safe.


Since starting back to face to face meetings the Cubs have enjoyed lots of activities including making cooking on BBQ’s, mini rockets, their own crazy golf course, problem solving, road safety badge with two Police Officers, Cyclist Badge, Photographers Badge, Athletics Badges and learning how to play Bowls at Gloucester City Bowls Club.   In October they enjoyed a joint indoor camp with our Beavers at Cranham Scout Camp Site.   In March the Cubs enjoyed another joint meeting with the Beavers where they met Alpacas from the Wye Valley, they also completed some more of their team work challenge badge and finished the month with a pizza cooking evening.  In February the Cubs joined the Beavers for a joint meeting making play dough and then making a model, they also had a cook along with a former member who is a chef to celebrate Chinese New Year, they completed some parts of the Team Leader and Team work challenge badges.  January 2021 virtual meetings have included a task master evening with one of the funniest rounds being to disguise yourself the Leaders then had to work out who was who, some of the Cubs were impossible to work out.  They have also learnt about space and made a word cloud of the things that they would like to do while we are virtual and also a game of hide and seek on among us.  Some of the Cubs are also taking part in the virtual Cotswold Marathon.


Below you can see a diagram of the position of badges and awards for Cubs   You can find out about the Cubs badges on the National Scout Website.  You can find the link for this on our Useful Links Page.


If you are interested in joining our Cub Pack, please email the Cub Leader on akela46thcubs@gmail.com or 46thgloucester@gmail.com for more information.