We have been lucky to be selected as one of the causes to receive funding from the Co-op Local Community Fund.

If you shop in the Co-op and are a member please select the 46th Gloucester Scout Group as your chosen cause to receive 1% when you spend on selected own branded products and services.†


All money received from this will go towards the Groupís minibus fund.


Thank you for your support.

These activities are in addition to the normal weekly meetings.†

Beavers meet on Thursday evenings

Cubs meet on Wednesday evenings

Scouts meet on Friday evenings

Explorers meet on Thursday evenings

Band meet on Monday evenings

Mon 18th Feb

No Band Practice

Wed 20th Feb

Bouldering at the Warehouse for Cubs (Times 6.30pm to 8.30pm)

Sat 2nd March

Pantomime at EDF Energy, Barnwood for Cubs (Times 1pm to 3.45pm, please meet in the car park)

Sat 16th March

Conservation Day at Highnam Woods for Scouts

Sat 16th March

Lunar City at GL1 for Cub

Fri 5th April

Easter Egg Hunt and Wide Game on Robinswood Hill for Scouts

Wed 17th April

Cub Night Hike

Sun 28th April

St. Georges Day Parade for all Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, Leaders & Helpers

Fri 10th - Sun 12th May

Cub Sixerís & Seconderís Camp at Rhydd Covert Scout Camp Site for Cubs who are Sixerís & Seconderís at the time of this camp

Fri 24th - Sat 25th May

Flip Out Sleepover for Scouts (To be confirmed)

Wed 29th May

Cub Activity

Fri 7th - Sun 9th June

Group Camp 2019 at Trac for all Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, Leaders & Helpers

Sat 22nd June

Bromham Carnival for Band Members

6th July

Cotswold Wildlife Park Trip for Beavers

Sun 14th July

Cub Trip

Sat 20th July

Dump Hike for Scouts

Sun 11th - Sat 17th Aug

Cubs Summer Camp at Hollygate Scout Camp Site, Nottinghamshire

Sun 18th - Sat 24th Aug

Scouts Summer Camp at Buchers Coppice Scout Camp Site, Bournemouth

? Sept

County Air Activity Camp at Defford for Scouts (places available for 5 Scouts)

Sat 7th Sept

Gloucester Day Parade for Band Members

Sat 28th Sept

Drayton Manor Theme Park Trip for Scouts

Sat 28th Sept

Cub Trip

Fri 11th - Sun 13th Oct

Cub Indoor Winter Camp at Cranham Scout Camp Site

Fri 25th Oct

Tubing for Scouts

Wed 30th Oct

Cub Activity

Fri 1st to Sun 3rd Nov

Scouts Indoor Winter Camp at Trac

Sun 10th Nov

Remembrance Day Parade in Bishops Cleeve (provisional booking) and confirmed booking for Tetbury for Band Members


If you would like more information about the Group please contact us on 46thgloucester@gmail.com.

Please remember that all Leaders are unpaid volunteers.